1375 cases of coronavirus have been detected in people who have completed the full course of vaccination – vaccinated very rarely suffer from a severe form of the disease

According to a study by the THL Department of Health and Social Development, only a small proportion of people who received two doses of the vaccine contracted the coronavirus. The report is based on health registers. In most vaccinated infected people, the disease is mild. However, the risk of a severe form requiring hospitalization increases with age and in vaccinated citizens.

By Thursday, Finland had identified a total of 10,756 laboratory-confirmed cases of covid in people who received one or two doses of the coronavirus vaccine. The total number of citizens who received at least one dose of the vaccine is about 3.9 million.

Among completely vaccinated 1375 cases of infection were recorded, which is less than 13% of all cases of infection among vaccinated. This means that 56 out of 100,000 fully vaccinated people contracted the coronavirus despite being vaccinated.

– Data show that a full course of vaccination provides good protection against infection. However, it is important to know that no vaccine can prevent infection or disease with 100% certainty. Therefore, it is important that as many people as possible get both vaccines, thereby protecting themselves and those around them, writes in a press release Tuia Leino , chief physician from THL.

A person is considered fully vaccinated. if he received two doses of the vaccine and one week has elapsed since the second vaccination.

The proportion of those who are fully vaccinated may still be infected. The current registration data is dominated by the elderly, as younger age groups have not yet received two doses of the vaccine.

– The proportion of those infected or hospitalized among those vaccinated with two doses is expected to stay flat or decline, says Leino .

Leino notes that the delta variant may affect the proportion of those infected.

– In the case of the delta variant, the protection from one dose is not so good.

53 people vaccinated with two doses were admitted to hospital with covid

290 people after coronavirus vaccination in Finland needed inpatient treatment for covid.

Of those who received two doses, 53 needed inpatient treatment. This means that out of 100,000 people who were fully vaccinated, about two needed hospitalization due to covid.

– The vast majority of those vaccinated with a severe form of the disease are elderly people, i.e. over 70 years old. However, even in older people, the disease is usually less severe due to the vaccine.

After a full course of vaccinations, 9% of people aged 70-79 required hospitalization for covid. Before vaccination, nearly 30% of people aged 70-79 were hospitalized with coronavirus, and even more unvaccinated elderly people became seriously ill.

– Vaccinations have significantly reduced the incidence of severe coronavirus in older people and in other age groups. Less than one in 100 people under the age of 70 who became infected after two shots have been hospitalized.

Since the start of the vaccination program, a total of 248 vaccinated people have been hospitalized and 42 have been admitted to intensive care for covid. Among them, 53 people received two doses, five of them were in the intensive care unit. after testing positive for coronavirus. In 83 cases, the patient had only one vaccination and 14 cases had two.

– Of these 14 people, 10 were over 80 years old, and three were between the ages of 70 and 79 years, says Leino.

Materials for the THL study were collected by combining data from the Infectious Diseases Registry and the Vaccination Registry. THL is conducting another study based on data from health registers. It compares the risk of infection between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The study is expected to be completed in early fall.

– More information is also needed on how easily a vaccinated person can spread the virus. It is already known that vaccination reduces the shedding of the virus and, thus, reduces the level of infection of others. An encouraging finding is that the incidence of coronavirus infection in vaccinated age groups has dropped significantly, says Leino.