6 discos in Barcelona where you can go dancing all night again

<1><2><3> <4> <5> Barcelona establishments still have time limits and must close at 3:30 am. However, this fact is already very pleasing to the residents of the city, who love to dance in local nightclubs. Today we will tell you which of them have opened their doors again. <6> <7> Jamboree <8> <9> One of the most famous nightclubs in the city is reopening its doors. On these days, you can dance here to the music of the city's popular DJs. The poster can be viewed at https://proticketing.com/danceclub_tickets/es_ES/entradas/evento/20521. Open from 23:00. <10> <11> Macarena <12> <13> This Gothic Quarter establishment is also happy to reopen its doors. Now it's ready to showcase contemporary electronic music from all over the world. <14> <15> Otto Zutz <16> <17> A luxury club located on the grounds of a former textile factory and famous for its glamorous parties, it is proud to host Aerosmith and Spice performances Girls. On weekends, it will be filled with trap and hip-hop beats. <18> <19> Plataforma <20><21> Here again, guests are welcome to move to the beat of indie rock and reggaeton. <22> <23> Moog <24> <25> Considered the temple of electronic music in Barcelona, fans of all ages can be seen here. <26 > <27> La Terrrazza <28> <29> In the Spanish village of Poble Espanyol there is an open-air dance club called La Terrrazza, where modern electronic music rules the disco. Now he again welcomes guests for unbridled fun. You can dance here until the morning from Thursday to Sunday. <30> <31> <32>