A backyard water bowl is an easy way to make life easier for little birds, hedgehogs and squirrels in the heat

Wildlife animals suffer from hot and dry weather as much as humans.

Hannah Al-Sayed of the Animal Welfare Association SEY reminds animals that dehydration is also dangerous.

– The beginning of summer was hot. Even then, there were reports of dehydrated animals lying on the hot asphalt. Long hot periods take their toll on animals, says Al-Sayed, who is a wildlife advisor.

An easy way to help birds, hedgehogs, squirrels and hares is with a bowl of clean water yard.

– It is advisable to place shallow containers of water under bushes and trees. It is good to change water in the morning and evening. It is important to keep it clean, says Al-Sayed.

There is no need to be afraid of disease if the water is changed regularly

Regular replacement of water with fresh water reduces the risk of spreading disease through the water supply.

Research Professor of the Finnish Food Authority Antti Oksanen notes that avian influenza, for example, does not occur in small birds. However, birds can defecate in a container of water, and there is a possibility of Salmonella spreading. This bacterium is often found in birds.

– It is the same with hedgehogs, they have found salmonella. Changing the water daily will help solve the problem.