A Belgian teacher who died from the Covid vaccine? His demented son

Internet users are making the connection between the death of Christelle Lambert and the vaccine she had received eight days previously. Her son denies any link

She was 52 years old, was a teacher in Belgium. Christelle Lambert died in Ronse, a town about 40 km from France, on May 30. This tragic news could have remained in the circle of her relatives if Internet users had not taken screenshots of her Facebook account.

On May 22, Christelle Lambert indicated that she had received her first injection of a vaccine against Covid-19, without specifying which one. On May 28, “six days after receiving the first dose”, she reportedly wrote “feeling woozy” and “not standing up”. This post is no longer accessible on his profile, but a screenshot is circulating, associated with the death notice of the teacher.

Internet users then makes a connection between the vaccination and the death of Christelle Lambert.


Christelle Lambert’s son explained to our Belgian colleagues of Nord Eclair that the death of her mother was not linked to the vaccination. “My mother died of a cardiac arrest due to too much strain on her body”, he unveiled, confident to rely on the explanations of the doctors of the Ronse hospital, where his mother was being treated. .

The doctors “told us that his death was due neither to the Covid, nor to the vaccination”, he added. Christelle Lambert suffered from a cardiac history, completed her son.

The Renaix hospital was not able to provide 20 Minutes of the elements on the causes of death, due to “professional secrecy and GDPR legislation”, said a spokesperson.

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