A series based on the corruption scandal in Baltimore will be shot in the USA

“Gold-piece” stories are not an exclusively Russian theme. There are scandals involving the guardians of the law and abroad.

In 2011, France was shocked by the news that police officer Michel Nerier, nicknamed Supercop for his effective fight against crime, was involved in illegal schemes. He repaid his informants with seized drugs, often received expensive gifts from crime bosses, for example, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce cars, or rested at their expense. The court sentenced him to four years in prison (of which 18 months probation) and forbade him to work in the police.

And in the US state of Hawaii last year, the first deputy prosecutor of Honolulu, Catherine Kealoh, was imprisoned for 13 years for criminal machinations against her own family and other people. First, Katherine convinced her grandmother and uncle to take out a mortgage and put some of the funds into her pocket. When they sued her, she tried to denigrate her uncle, accusing him of … stealing a mailbox. An investigation began, during which Kealoch’s other criminal schemes were revealed. For example, she embezzled $ 160,000 from the accounts of the children over whom she took custody. Katherine spent money on a beautiful life: a house for two million dollars, Mercedes and Maserati cars, holidays.

Superkop from France paid informants with drugs

Another scandal broke out in Baltimore, USA, where the police unit to combat illegal arms trafficking itself turned into a criminal gang. The detachment robbed alleged lawbreakers and ordinary people, sold drugs and weapons on the streets, and planted them on citizens. All officers involved, directly or indirectly, received from seven to 25 years in prison. The story shocked the United States so much that a series would be shot based on it. Based on a book by The Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton “This City Is Ours: A True Story of Crime, Police and Corruption.”