A Soviet bunker is hiding on Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona

In the headquarters building of the non-profit association Mutua Universal, located at Avenida Tibidabo 17, one from Soviet traces in Barcelona. During the Spanish Civil War, this building housed the Consulate General of the Soviet Union. It has been a bunker since then.

The bunker is reported to be 50 square meters in size and in excellent condition. Access to it by special workers is very rare, and for the general public, entrance is not available at all.

Before becoming the consulate of the Soviet Union, this building belonged to Dr. Salvador Andreu, an outstanding pharmaceutical entrepreneur, and was the residence of his families. It was Andreu who was involved in the urbanization of Tibidabo. Today, the building has preserved some elements of the former consulate, among which there are information signs and a faded Soviet flag.