A trip to the cider paradise of the Asturias region

<1><2><3> <4> <5> Did you know that in the Asturias region, cider is known as “the elixir of life that makes you share your secrets and makes your heart happy”? The so-called province of Comarca de la Sidra, known for its elixir of life, comprises six municipalities in the West-Central Region of Asturias: Bimenes, Cabranes, Colunga, Nava, Sariegu and Villaviciosa. Having gone to these parts, you can devote time not only to visiting local ciderries and tastings of aromatic cider, but also walking along amazing natural corners and miles of beaches, as well as here you can get acquainted with the unusual architecture of buildings and the charm of small churches. <6><7> In the period from late April to early May, you should come here for the mesmerizing beauty of apple blossoms, and in October you can watch the collection of ripe fruits that fill the air of the entire province with their aroma. To learn more about the production and history of the famous drink, it is recommended to visit the Cider Museum in the village of Nava. Many local farms also offer excursions for those wishing to learn all the secrets of cider production and apple growing. <8> <9> Dinosaur lovers can visit the famous paleontological museum Museo del Jurásico de Asturias in Colunga municipality, and then go to the nearest beach Playa de la Griega in search of dinosaur footprints. The Cueva de San Pedrín cave also deserves special attention, where, according to legend, the fairies of the water lived. <10><11> For those who miss the cityscape, Torazu is home to many Indian-style houses with balconies. The Torazu village is awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. <12> <13> As for quality cider, in this area you can find it in any traditional bar. Ask the locals and they will show you how to taste the flavored drink properly. It is important to shake it properly, release carbon dioxide, let it air, and only then try. <14>