A woman who stabbed an unconscious man was declared insane

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> On Thursday, the East Uusimaa court issued a verdict in the case of the murder of a man in Kerava last August. The 27-year-old woman charged with the murder was declared insane. <7> <8> The court found that the accused killed the victim in a particularly brutal manner. She delivered 11 stabbing blows to a man who was asleep and was under the influence of drugs. She also wrapped construction tape around the victim's head to prevent him from breathing. The crime took place in the man's apartment, where the woman was visiting and also used drugs. <9> <10> The prosecutor argued that the woman's actions only prolonged the victim's suffering. The man's body was found only 11 days after the crime. The woman was also accused of desecration of the body of the deceased, since she stuck a knife in the man's thigh after his death. <11><12> The trial began on June 10. The woman denied charges of premeditated murder and desecration of a corpse. In her opinion, she was guilty only of the brutal use of violence. According to her story, the man threatened to kill her, so she stabbed him, but only once. The prosecutor demanded a life sentence for her. <15>