According to opinion polls, the ANO party leads the parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic

If elections to the Czech parliament were held in August, the parliamentary party ANO would have won with 31.3% of the vote. The second place was taken by Koalice SPOLU (parties ODS, TOP 09, KDU-ČSL) with 21.7% of the votes, according to a survey by the STEM agency.

According to this model, a coalition of the Piráti and STAN parties could gain 18.7% of the vote. Next come SPD (11.2%) and KSČM (5.8%).

Less than 5% of the votes required to get into parliament would receive the parties ČSSD (4.6%), Přísaha (3, 3%) and the coalition Trikolór, Svobodní a Strana soukromníků ČR (3.1%).

Compared to the STEM electoral model, ANO has improved its positions by about 3% since the end of June. Piráti and STAN, on the other hand, dropped to third place.

ANO relies heavily on voters aged 60 and over

The early-party rankings in the August STEM model are in line with the July results of the Center for the Study of Public Opinion (CVVM) poll. According to his model, ANO will receive 23.5% of the vote in the elections, Koalice SPOLU 21.5%, and Piráti and STAN 21%.

Parliamentary elections will be held in the Czech Republic on October 8 and 9, 2021.

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