Adolescents Accused of Murder of a Peer Assigned Sane

According to the THL Department of Health and Social Development, those accused of killing a young man’s peer were sane and fully aware of what they were doing. The verdict in the case will be handed down on Friday, September 3, at 2 pm.

Three teenagers, who are accused of murdering a peer in the park near the Koskela hospital, were responsible for the crime. These are the results of the forensic medical examination, which was announced by the Helsinki County Court.

The three accused were examined over several months in different psychiatric hospitals. A person recognized as sane can be sentenced to criminal punishment, and an unrecognized person can be assigned compulsory psychiatric treatment.

Three boys are accused of premeditated murder, which occurred on the territory of the Koskela hospital in Helsinki on December 4, 2020. At the time of the crime, the attacker and their victim were 16 years old.

According to the prosecution, the teenagers deliberately lured their victim into the territory of the Koskela hospital with the intention of causing harm. The victim was brutally bullied for four hours, after which the teenagers threw the beaten peer on the cold ground and fled. The body of the deceased young man was found only two days later.

The prosecutor’s office demands to sentence the accused to 12, 11 and 9.5 years in prison for premeditated murder, beating, robbery and incitement to violence.

Court held earlier that the defendants acted as described in the indictment.

The defense representatives hope that the fact of wide publicity will mitigate the verdict

After considering the conclusion of the psychiatric examination, the parties to the case had the opportunity to supplement their closing speeches. According to the lawyer of the relatives of the deceased Janne Nuutinen , the examination confirmed that the murder was deliberate.

Defense representatives, for their part, highlighted the side effects of the widespread publicity of this case. The adverse consequences of widespread publicity should, in their opinion, mitigate the sentence.

Although the names of the juvenile defendants did not appear in the mainstream media, they were published on social networks. One of the accused received two threatening letters in prison.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the wide publicity of such a serious case is understandable and should not affect the sentence.

The juvenile defendants are still in custody. Today it was also decided to extend the detention period. No one opposed this decision.

The verdict in the case will be delivered on Friday, September 3, at 2:00 pm.