Airbnb offers a year-long travel the world with free hosting

<1><2><3> <4> <5> The popularity of remote work enables many people from all over the world to work not only in the office, but also in a cafe, their cozy apartment, on the beaches, in parks – wherever they wish. Airbnb emphasizes that more remote workers will continue to grow in the coming years. To reward the so-called digital nomads, Airbnb offers 12 adventurers to spend a full year traveling and living in Airbnb private accommodations around the world for free. <6><7> Remote workers and travelers from all over the world can apply. Knowledge of English is a prerequisite. Families with children will also be able to take part in the program, since each winner will be able to take three more loved ones with them. You will need to be on the trip for 12 consecutive months: from July 2021 to July 2022. Each person selected to participate in the program will have the opportunity to book accommodation for free, assistance in getting around, the opportunity to participate in entertainment and sightseeing offers from Airbnb. In turn, participants will be required to provide the company with regular reports in English about their travel experiences in order to help the online platform develop new travel proposals for the future. <8> <9> You can review the details of participation in the program and apply up to 30 June 2021 on the Airbnb website at the link <10> <11> <12>