Among arrivals from Russia, 86 infected with coronavirus were identified

Since Tuesday, 86 cases of coronavirus have been detected at the Vaalimaa and Nuijamaa border posts.

Doctors are trying to contact football fans who were allowed through on Tuesday night the border without testing due to the workload of the Vaalimaa border checkpoint. We are talking about 800 Finnish tourists who arrived from the European Football Championship in St. Petersburg.

In particular, the Helsinki and Uusimaa Medical District HUS urges tourists to immediately get tested for coronavirus. HUS reminds that the second test must be taken 72 hours after returning to Finland. According to HUS, 34 of the tests taken from residents of the Uusimaa region at the border on Tuesday and Wednesday were positive.

Travelers should avoid social contact until a test result is obtained.

At 15.14 updated statistics of the infected.

At 11.45, the statistics of the Nuijamaa border checkpoint were added.