An underground bunker to be opened in Madrid’s Retiro Park in 2022

Even the locals do not know about all the secrets of Madrid. For example, it has come as a surprise to many that there is an underground bunker from the Civil War era on the territory of Retiro Park, created as a bomb shelter. Its construction began in 1936 and, according to official documents, was completed in December 1938. It is reported that the space could accommodate 275 people. After the war, the bunker remained closed for over 30 years, and in the post-war period it was used to grow mushrooms due to the high humidity and darkness of the premises.

In 2022, the bunker will be included in the list of spaces that are part of the guided tours of the Pasea Madrid project. These free guided tours are already popular with locals looking to discover the secrets of the unknown corners of Madrid.

The Madrid City Council reports that the bunker has different depths and three inconspicuous exits: two in the Retiro Park and another in Calle Menéndez Pelayo. Experts from the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports will have to develop an evacuation plan and fire safety measures, which will determine the maximum duration of the visit. Also, soon it is planned to develop a plan for the comfortable movement of visitors in the bunker.

It is planned that the first participants in excursion walks within the framework of the Pasea Madrid project will be able to visit the bunker in 2022. The City Council also said that there are plans to hold events dedicated to the history of the Civil War and iconic places associated with it.