Andrei Babis: Russia is not interested in dialogue with the Czech Republic

The most important partners for the Czech Republic are Germany and neighboring countries, as well as the USA, Israel, France and the UK. This was stated by the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrei Babis at a meeting with the ambassadors on Monday. With regard to relations with Russia, the prime minister said that he did not see the interest of the other side in improving the situation.

Babiš considers relations with neighboring countries to be the basis of foreign policy. “Today they are the best in our history,” he said. In the field of bilateral relations, Babis also mentioned Germany, the USA, Israel, Great Britain and France as key partners. EU and US. It is planned to strengthen the Czech diplomatic mission in Jerusalem. In addition, the Czech Republic is interested in developing relations with China.

On the contrary, Czech-Russian relations are going through a very difficult period, Babiš said. “But this is not our fault. We are definitely not interested in further deepening the crisis. Two people are needed for a dialogue, but I see no interest in dialogue on the Russian side, ”he said. According to him, there can be no talk of dialogue until the Czech Republic is excluded from the Russian list of “unfriendly” countries.

In his opening speech at the traditional Prague meeting of Czech ambassadors, Babis also emphasized the importance of economic diplomacy. He urged diplomats to look for areas where economic cooperation could be improved. “Promoting the economic interests of our companies and human rights policy are important to us. Protection of human rights is one of the traditional foundations of Czech foreign policy, ”he said.

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