Andriy Babish was pelted with eggs at the presentation of his book

Police detained in Pruhonitsy two people suspected of violating public order at the pre-election meeting of Prime Minister Andrei Babish with voters. According to the portal Seznam Zprávy, one of the men started throwing eggs at the Prime Minister.

“In connection with suspicion of committing a crime, two people were detained at the scene,” said police spokesman Zdenek Chalupa.

Babiš, who lives in Pruhonice, held a pre-election meeting with voters today and an autograph session for his book. Early in the morning of August 7, volunteers from Million Moments for Democracy drew crosses with chalk on paving stones in memory of the victims of the coronavirus epidemic. In March, they also held a similar protest in Prague’s Old Town Square, painting 25,000 white crosses on stones. The prime minister said he would pay for cleaning the square, but did not want to comment on the incident.

“The identity of the people who drew the crosses has been identified on site, and further action will be determined based on the ongoing investigation and verification of all facts,” the spokesman added.

About two dozen opponents of state policy and vaccination arrived in Pruhonitsa. One of them threw eggs at the prime minister. Police officers arrived at the scene and detained the violator of public order, but other demonstrators began to block the road for the movement of the police car. Babiš was forced to move to a nearby coffee shop.

The event ended at about 17:00, when opponents and supporters of the head of government began to disperse.