Annalena Berbock was officially elected by the Greens as a candidate for the chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

In Germany, the Greens officially named Annalena Baerbock as a candidate for the post of chancellor. During the videoconference, she received 98.5% of the vote. Baerbock and party chairman Robert Habeck were elected as the party’s main duo in the upcoming federal elections in September, Spiegel online reports.

678 delegates voted for, six against, and four abstained. For the first time, 40-year-old Berbock campaigned for the post of chancellor. After her nomination, the party initially experienced a surge in ratings and overtook the CDU / CSU bloc.

However, the euphoria of the Greens is gradually fading away. Chancellor candidate Annalena Berbock’s rating has dropped to a record high today. It’s all the fault of the embellished resume scandal. The politician ascribed to herself membership in a number of international organizations, including the UN Refugee Fund, and lost 12 positions at once, while the popularity of her rivals only increased.

If the head of the federal government was determined through direct elections, 29% of voters would vote for the leader of the Christian Democrats Armin Lashet, 26% would support the Vice-Chancellor and SPD member Olaf Scholz, Euronews reports.