Atardeceres Larios: open-air concerts in Malaga

Warm summer evenings are designed to enjoy beautiful sunsets, listen to live music in the open air overlooking the sea, and meet friends more often. The Atardeceres Larios series of events, which will take place in Malaga from 7 to 16 July, gives us this opportunity. Live music evenings on terraces overlooking the sea are sponsored by the Larios brand, which bears the title of the most Mediterranean gin. Therefore, guests are promised refreshing drinks based on Larios 12 gin.

For the Atardeceres Larios events, the best terraces have been selected overlooking the Mediterranean coast of Andalusia and the Levante. On the musical side, a large number of popular Spanish musicians are expected to perform. Singer Sole Jimenez will perform on July 8 and 9, presenting his latest work, the album Mujeres de música. July 10 will be the day of one of the most iconic voices of Spanish pop music – Christina Rosenwing. The legendary Mikel Erenchun, who is celebrating 35 years of his career this year, is preparing to perform in front of the guests on July 11 and 12. Nacho Garcia Vega will present the songs Nacha Pop, which will accompany the sunset on July 13 and 14. This is not a complete list of Spanish talents who are preparing to take part.

The organizers note that all events will be conducted taking into account the required distance and other security measures during a pandemic.

Ticket prices: from 18 up to EUR 22.

Tickets can be purchased at