Autumn Madrid in the second season of the series “Valeria”

Viewers nicknamed the series “Valeria”, which tells the stories of four friends who are in crisis, but who can enjoy life, Spanish “Sex and the City”. If the first season of the series showed the audience the summer Madrid, then the second season is preparing to present the Madrid autumn, more precisely, a special time from autumn until Christmas. Clara Salvador, who is engaged in the selection of locations for the series, says that this time she decided to move a little away from the center of Madrid, although the center of the capital will appear in the frame, because this is where the main character lives. What locations can we see in the new season?

Quarter AZCA

AZCA is the financial quarter in Madrid, which will periodically appear in the frame.

Medias Puri Disco Club

This season, Valeria will have to make a difficult choice between using a pseudonym and leaving the publishing house, which could be a continuation of an unstable professional career. But at the same time, a young girl always manages to enjoy life with her friends. Sometimes it is the turn of nightclubs and dancing until the morning. Together with the heroines we will go to the famous disco club Medias Puri.

The roof of the Hotel Riu Plaza de España

Madrid witnesses the professional growth of these four young women. Therefore, luxurious locations were also chosen for filming. For example, they visit the impressive rooftop of the Riu Plaza de España and, standing on a transparent bridge overlooking the capital, realize that they can do anything if they want to.

Casa Paco Restaurant

Valeria and her friends love to visit authentic establishments with a special Madrid atmosphere. We will be able to see them in the Casa Paco restaurant-tavern, opened in 1933 and located near the Mercado de San Miguel market.

Casino Madrid

The concert of the mother of one of the heroines was filmed in the luxurious decorations of the Madrid casino.

Christmas market in Plaza Mayor

fairs. In the series, we will see one of the most popular Christmas markets – the one that takes place in Plaza Mayor.