Barcelona is one of the top three cities in Europe where it is best to clean up after their dogs on the streets

British pet food brand Tails is focusing on the fact that people have started to have more pets during the pandemic. But, unfortunately, not all owners diligently clean after their pets during a walk, which leads to pollution of the streets. Given that there are 87.5 million dogs in Europe (according to Statista), one can imagine the magnitude of the pollution problem.

Tails experts have developed a study according to the results of which Barcelona is one of the European cities where the owners are the best to clean after their pets while walking. The capital of Catalonia was surpassed only by Naples and Montpellier.

“How was the study done?” You ask. The experts analyzed the number of dogs in each city, the number of fines imposed, the amount of fines and the existence of special rules for walking with pets. The high amount of the fine for the owner not cleaning up after his dog (1,500 euros), as well as the existence of rules that regulate the entrance of dogs to the beaches, helped Barcelona to take third place with a score of 53 out of a possible 80 points.

Tails also conducted research separately for cities in the UK, where the scores were significantly higher: 68/80 for New Castle, 66/80 for Manchester and 65/80 for Southampton. London was only in fifth place. US cities also scored more points than EU cities, with Seattle getting 65/80, Albuquerque 62/80 and Tucson 56/80.

The top ten European cities look like this:

Naples – 56/80

Montpellier – 55/80

Barcelona – 53/80

Paris – 53/80

Brussels – 52/80

Frankfurt – 52/80

Krakow – 50/80

Madrid – 49/80

Berlin – 43/80

Vienna – 42/80