BCN Market: Barcelona’s very own online store for selling goods from local shops

Barcelona wants to make the purchase of products and services from local institutions as easy and quick as ordering from large online stores. As such, the Catalan capital is planning to launch BCN Market, an exclusive online shopping platform, in September this year. In this official Barcelona online store, users will be able to select products, clothing, shoes, accessories, services from nearby shops and other institutions. So it is planned to attract buyers who are used to making online purchases on international sites. The platform is slated to go live this September and will gradually compete for market share in Barcelona with online shopping giants such as Amazon.

After months of restrictions that hit local trade hard, projects like this could be of great help to local traders. The platform will present an assortment of nearby stores and other institutions so that users can make quick purchases of goods and services in them. It is planned that modern technologies will help to revive local business.

Pilot trials of the BCN Market platform have now been completed, and some stores are already actively studying it. Shop owners can become a member of the project by completing a free registration. Registration gives you the opportunity to start uploading information about goods and services, and a paid tariff from 8 to 12 euros allows you to start selling goods and services online with home delivery in September this year. So far, about 1000 stores have been added, but the platform is expected to bring together around 60,000 stores in the Catalan capital.