Bogdan said that Belarus’ experience in the fight against coronavirus could be on a par with Sweden’s

“Look, in a similar way with the Republic Belarus went to Sweden, “the deputy minister said in an interview with the Nedelya program on STV.

In her opinion, the experience of the Republic of Belarus would be put on a par with the experience of Sweden as one of the most successful and effective with the COVID pandemic. This was prevented only by the excitement around political events, fueled by Telegram-channels .

Elena Bogdan reminded that the republic did not stop production, fulfilled all its international obligations, the country had enough beds and medicines .

“We continued with social distancing, physical distancing, with mild quarantine measures, the normal life of our country,” she noted.

Bogdan said that the example of other countries that are trying to reintroduce tough quarantine measures shows that there is discontent among the population, because they have before their eyes the experience of two countries.