British authorities will pay for infected with COVID-19 and their families

In one of the regions where the outbreak of COVID-19 occurred, those who lost their earnings will be paid £ 130-182.

Part of the UK residents who lost earnings due to coronavirus infection COVID-19, will receive additional benefits, the report says on the website of the country’s government. Payments will begin on September 1, at the first stage residents of Blackburn and neighboring settlements will receive benefits, where a few days ago there was an outbreak of COVID-19 and quarantine measures were introduced.

In accordance with the new government decision, benefits will be received people with low income who, due to the restrictions introduced, have lost their usual earnings:

  • £ 130 each ($ 171.5 or 12.85 thousand rubles) – those who have been identified with COVID-19 and they were ordered to self-isolate for ten days;
  • at £ 182 ($ 250 or 18 thousand rubles) – those who were forced to go into self-isolation for 14 days after the detection of COVID-19 in a family member living with them;
  • at £ 13 per day , but not more than £ 182 – those who were forced to go to self-isolation after contact with a patient with COVID-19, with whom they do not live together.

Additional conditions for receiving benefits are the applicant’s job and the impossibility continue to work from home, resulting in the loss of regular earnings. Payments are promised to be made within 48 days after the request, but after checking the existence of grounds for receiving benefits.