British authorities will pay low-income citizens £ 500 each due to COVID

This money will be paid to those who go to self-isolation. Employers who refuse to self-isolate will be fined

The British authorities will pay £ 500 to low-income citizens who are faced with the need to go to self-isolation from – for the coronavirus COVID-19. This was stated by the Minister of Health of Great Britain Matt Hancock, BBC reports.

According to him, the payment will be a one-time payment, and employers who refuse this category of citizens in self-isolation will be fined. The Minister noted that this scheme will be applied in England, but the authorities in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will have access to funding for similar programs.

Self-isolation offenders are subject to £ 1000 fines. In the event of a repeated violation, the fine will be increased to £ 10 thousand.

Chief Adviser to the British Prime Minister for Science Patrick Wallance said that the number of cases of coronavirus infection in the kingdom could reach 50 thousand per day by mid-October. Now, he said, the number of COVID-19 infections in the country is doubling every seven days. By mid-November, 200 people could die a day in Britain, he suggested.