Chronicle of coronavirus

There will be no corporate parties

The largest companies in Germany have canceled New Year’s corporate parties this year. This was reported by the newspaper Welt am Sonntag with reference to a survey among top managers. This decision has already been made by more than half of the 30 German concerns with the largest capitalization. So far, only the German Stock Exchange has not agreed to leave its employees without a holiday. True, an alternative format awaits them in the form of an open-air Christmas market with tents where they will sell traditional sausages and pour mulled wine.

Madrid under siege

The Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs sent an additional contingent of 7,000 police officers to Madrid and employees of the civil guard. They will control entry and exit from the capital and nine other municipalities in the Madrid region. Local residents are advised not to leave their homes unnecessarily, but a full-fledged self-isolation regime has not yet been introduced in the capital.

“Traffic light” against covid

The countries of the European Union have agreed on a single system of “traffic lights” for movements within the Schengen area. This was reported to Reuters by a source in the German delegation, which now holds the EU presidency. The system aims to end the patchwork quilt of disparate local regulations and streamline tourist requirements, including a 14-day quarantine. It is assumed that all European regions will be indicated in three colors – green, orange and red – depending on the epidemiological situation. Only people from the “green” zones will be able to travel freely to other countries. This means that for every 100 thousand inhabitants there are less than 25 infected within 7 days, and positive tests for the “corona” are less than 4 percent. More than 50 new patients per 100,000 population means a red threat level. The color assignment will be updated every week.

Air does not interfere with the mask

The Italian authorities have extended the emergency regime introduced in connection with the pandemic until January 31, and also made the wearing of masks mandatory even in the fresh air. There is also a continuing requirement for the use of this anti-virus accessory in the workplace. The amount of the fine for non-observance of the mask regime will hit the pockets of violators hard and will vary between 400 and 1 thousand euros. This introduces a number of important exceptions. So, you can forget about the mask for children under 6 years old, persons suffering from pathologies, while playing sports, while maintaining a distance of 2 meters, as well as at home.

Caution, bars are closing

Exactly at curfew began in Berlin at midnight on Saturday. The capital of Germany does not remember such a thing since 1949. From now until the end of October, all bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other establishments that sell alcohol should be closed from 23.00 to 6.00. Alcohol will not be sold even at gas stations. For violation, legal entities face a fine of 5,000 euros.