Civil Initiative Demands Changing Abortion Legislation – Almost 48,000 Signatures Already Collected

They want to change the old abortion law, which is already fifty years old. Finland has the most stringent abortion legislation compared to the rest of the Nordic countries, and it is also one of the strictest in all of Europe.

According to the current law, before the artificial termination of pregnancy, a woman must receive two separate medical opinions on the need for this measure.

Both experts and civic activists believe that this is a waste of health care resources and a violation of women’s rights to self-determination.

Behind the civic initiative to change the abortion law are the Women’s Rights Union, the Finnish Gynecology Association, the Midwives’ Union and the Population Union.

More than 47,800 people have already signed up to the Omatahto2020 initiative. It will be submitted to Parliament if 50,000 people subscribe to it.