Coronavirus and Holocaust – What’s the Connection?

Last week, the Geneva-based organization CICAD, which coordinates the fight against anti-Semitism and the dissemination of libel and which we had a sad occasion to talk about not so long ago, published a communiqué of unexpected content. Why unexpected? Because CICAD, which is doing everything to ensure that the victims of the Holocaust are not forgotten, this time is unhappy with the more frequent mention of the Holocaust in Sue. And it is reasonable.

“The traditional“ heritage ”of extremist circles and professional provocateurs seeking sensations, today the Holocaust is actively used in social networks with the sole purpose of shocking public opinion. The health crisis we are experiencing has provided the ideal excuse for any excesses, including the drawn parallel between a health passport, vaccinations, and symbols of the Holocaust. CICAD has watched with dismay the development of this phenomenon and the ease with which some make such comparisons, ”the communiqué says.

Our Newspaper has repeatedly written about various conspiracy theories ripening on fertile coronavirus soil. Most often, “theorists” come to the conclusion that, whatever one may say, the Jews are to blame, but now, it would seem, it turns out the other way around – some compare sanitary restrictions with anti-Semitic laws, a sanitary certificate (or lack thereof) with a yellow star, etc. … We ourselves have heard this from people who seem to be quite normal at first glance, often unconsciously participating in the banalization of Evil just because they do not want to be vaccinated.

From general comparisons, they pass on to individuals. So, after the announcement of the introduction into circulation in France, from August 1, a sanitary passport, social networks flooded a stream of images of President Emmanuel Macron in the guise of Hitler.

Of course, such confusion of concepts cannot leave indifferent those who know firsthand about the horrors of World War II. Among them – Joseph Schwartz, one of the last surviving among those deported to concentration camps from France after the infamous raid “Vel d’Ives” , the largest series of mass arrests Jews committed in France during World War II . In two days, from 16 to 17 July 1942 , in Paris and its suburbs more than 13,000 people were arrested , more than a third of whom were children. Most of them were subsequently killed, less than a hundred people survived . ” You cannot imagine how shocked I was, to tears ” , – this is the reaction of this 94 -year-old man who could not believe his own eyes when he saw a yellow star sewn on on the T-shirt of one of the opponents of vaccination, defiling at the next protest march.

It seems incredible that someone else has to explain that those who sewed a yellow star on their chests in the 1940s did not do it of their own free will and not to participate in a rally, but to set off in a completely different direction.

“ There can be something noble in using the Holocaust to represent all suffering and all feelings of suffering. But if you enclose in it all the sensations of discrimination, then a problem arises: if the Holocaust is – everything, then it becomes nothing , – French journalist Jean Birnbaum formulated on the air RTS , and it couldn’t be better. After all, if you follow this logic, then soon not only ” external signs ” of the victims of the Holocaust, but also their suffering will be compared with the inability to go to the theater or to a restaurant without presenting a vaccination document or negative the result of the PCR test. Those who were sent to the gas chambers had their documents unnecessarily .

Yes, the issue of vaccination split the society, but let us still not pull History by the ears and compare incomparable things. Only a person who has no idea about the true “ infringement of rights ” can identify with him the requirement to wear a mask and equate vaccination with genocide. As always at the moment of social tension, Our Newspaper urges its readers not to lose common sense , that is the main thing that distinguishes Man from all other creatures. Cheers!