Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis canceled all plans due to health problems

Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis on June 15 had to undergo an urgent medical examination due to high blood pressure. Due to health problems at an international conference in Bratislava, Babiš will be replaced by Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlicek.

“I had to see a doctor because of a sharp increase in blood pressure,” Babiš told Právo.

A discussion on the economic revival of the European Union is scheduled at the conference in Bratislava. Karel Gavlicek will speak at the event. “He left for the airport after a press conference that took place at 14:00,” said ANO spokesman Martin Vodicka.

In addition, Babiš will not participate in the planned meeting of the prime ministers of the three countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.

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