Czech Republic sends third evacuation plane to Afghanistan

Another military plane took off from Prague to Afghanistan tonight. Over the previous two days, 133 people were brought to the Czech Republic from Kabul. The departure of the third evacuation flight in the morning was confirmed by the Czech army.

On the evening of August 17, a Czech army plane landed at the Prague-Kbely airport. There were 87 passengers on board. Among them are Czechs, including Ambassador Jiri Baloun, Afghans and two Poles. Earlier, on August 16, another 46 people were brought to the Czech Republic from Afghanistan.

“Chaos and confusion reign in Kabul, but we managed to land and then safely fly away with the people. We are already returning for the next flight, “the press service of the Czech army said on Twitter.

The Czech Republic, like other member states of the anti-Taliban coalition, is trying to evacuate its employees and local colleagues from Kabul. They made a special effort after the radical Islamist Taliban took over Kabul.

The evacuated Afghans will be quarantined in the Czech Republic for ten days. “During this time, we will deal with the registration of permits necessary for emigrants to live in the country,” Interior Minister Jan Hamacek said on Tuesday. Then they will ask people about their future future. According to Prime Minister Andrei Babish, it is possible that Afghans will want to return to their families, which they have in France or elsewhere in Europe. According to the prime minister, Afghans will receive visas and will also be vaccinated during quarantine. All of them in the first days will be placed in one place, but where and how, Hamacek did not specify.

Czech troops have been in Afghanistan since 2002, and since then 11,500 people have visited the country, some of them more than once … According to the Ministry of Defense, spending on Afghan missions between 2002 and 2020 was about 20 billion kronor.


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