Czech troops will leave Afghanistan by June 30

<1> Czech troops are to be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of June. Czech Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar believes that the timing is unfortunate. <2> <3> “In my opinion, the timing was poorly chosen. We learned about the last-minute withdrawal of American troops. On the other hand, we must be realistic and realize that our presence in Afghanistan is unrealistic without American troops, "Metnar said on Wednesday. <4> <5> In Afghanistan, where the Czech army has been stationed for twenty years, only 12 soldiers from the "liquidation group". They are loading military equipment onto planes at the Kabul airport. The soldiers must return to the Czech Republic by June 30. <6> <7> Over 19 years, about 12,000 Czech soldiers have visited Afghanistan. Some returned there several times as part of a mission for a maximum period of 6 months. Most of them were in 2012 – about 600. During the mission, 14 Czech soldiers died and dozens were injured. <8><9> The withdrawal of American and allied forces began in May this year, when there were still 10,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, including about 200 Czechs. The Americans announced that they would phase out troops by September 11, 2021, the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington that started the invasion. <10> <11> Many Czech politicians do not like the speedy withdrawal of troops, especially when it turns out that Taliban rebels are conquering more and more territory every day at the expense of the central government, which is supported by allied troops. Czech President Milos Zeman has long opposed such measures, the same opinion is shared by Prime Minister Andrei Babis and Lubomir Metnar. <12><13> The Czech Republic is engaged in the export not only of soldiers, but also of its assistants in Afghanistan, for example, translators. They are in real danger if the Taliban again rules the country. What specific help they will be provided, Metnar did not specify, referring to classified information. However, it is known that, for example, the British army agreed to provide shelter for 3000 translators from Afghanistan, other assistants and their families. <14> <15> Source: <16> <17> <18> <19> Follow the main Czech news together with in a format convenient for you: <20> <21> <22> <23><24> <25> YouTube – we get rid of the Russian accent in Czech <26> <27> <28> <29 > <30> <31> <32> Telegram – short news digest for the day <33><34><35> <36> <37><38><39> <40> Facebook – news discussion and discussion <41> <42><43> <44> <45><46><47> <48> Instagram – photo and video news every day <49> <50> <51> <52> <53>