Deutsche Bank assessed the readiness of Western countries to vaccinate against COVID

The respondents from the USA and the UK showed the greatest readiness for vaccination. Worldwide vaccination will require about 15 billion doses, Deutsche Bank experts noted

The proportion of respondents in the United Kingdom who are ready to be vaccinated against during the first six months after the introduction of the vaccine, the composition it is 78%. This follows from a survey conducted by Deutsche Bank in six Western countries – Great Britain, France, USA, Italy, Spain and Germany (RBC has a copy of the report).

9% of Britons indicated that they are not going to get vaccinated, 13% were undecided about the decision. In second place in terms of the share of those ready to be vaccinated against coronavirus is the United States, where 75% of respondents reported such a desire (14% do not want to be vaccinated, 11% have not decided). In France, the percentage of residents ready to get vaccinated was 61% (19% are not ready), in Spain – 72% (11% are not ready), in Germany – 70% (16% are not ready), in Italy – 70% (18 % not ready.)

In addition, more than half of respondents in Spain, Germany, Britain and Italy believe that the COVID-19 vaccine should be made mandatory. In France, only 42% have this opinion, and 39% are against. The sample of the survey was 5500 people.