Dirty Dancing returns to the big screens in Madrid

We all have our favorite films, which were not possible to see on the big screen, but we have always dreamed of doing it. For many, such a film is the melodrama “Dirty Dancing” with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray in the lead roles.

Madrid residents will be able to watch it in several cinemas starting August 26, such as Palacio de la Prensa, Renoir, Yelmo Palafox, Yelmo Ideal, Artistic Metropol, Zoco Majadahonda and Dehesa Cuadernillos. The film will be available both in a dubbed version (classic dubbing) and in the original version with subtitles.

Rhythm, dance, passion, youth, music are mixed in this film into a single whole. It is for this confusion that Dirty Dancing is loved by representatives of several generations. And watching the rhythmic dances and immersing yourself in the ingenious soundtracks for the film is much more interesting if you do it while sitting in a cinema hall equipped with modern technology.