Dishes from the MasterChef Cooking Show can now be ordered at home

Home delivery continues to become more and more diverse. Now you can even order food from Michelin-starred restaurants to your home. Spanish delivery has been replenished with another unusual offer. Chef Dani Garcia, who launched its Gran Familia Mediterránea delivery service last year, is partnering with the MasterChef showcase this summer to deliver recipes from the popular show.

Delivery of these dishes is only available through the Just Eat platform since June this year. Everyone will be offered a choice of the best dishes that featured in one of the MasterChef seasons. You can choose between appetizers, main course and dessert. Fans of the show will also be able to choose the dishes that are presented in the program during which the order is made. It is reported that the number of offers will be limited.

There are 2 ways to place an order:

– pre-order from Sunday to Tuesday until 16:00 to receive an order on Tuesday evening from 20:15 until 22:15;

– order every Tuesday live while watching the program to receive it on the same day from 22:15.