Electric scooter speeds to be limited in Helsinki – Transport Minister Harakka: “A noticeable improvement will be seen immediately”

Authorities and electric scooter rental companies are taking steps to reduce accidents while riding scooters. The Meilahti hospital is concerned about the increased incidence of head injuries.

Speed ​​limits for electric scooters will be implemented urgently in Helsinki. The speed will be initially limited at night, and then during the daytime in the center of the capital.

– We will see a noticeable improvement in the situation immediately, – said the Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka (SDP).

There will be fewer electric scooters in places where bars are concentrated. In addition, user awareness of traffic regulations will be strengthened.

HUS: Severe traumatic brain injuries also occur

Accidents and accidents that occur when riding electric scooters are a cause for concern.

HUS Medical District of Helsinki and Uusimaa reported a couple of weeks ago that emergency departments of hospitals, especially on weekends, are overwhelmed with patients arriving with various injuries from electric scooter accidents.

In the first half of June in the emergency department of Meilahti hospital there were twice as many people with injuries associated with electric scooters than with bicycles.

According to the head physician of the emergency department Arya Kobylin , most often the head suffers. Most cases are minor head injuries, but severe brain injuries also occur.

The trauma department had to attract additional workers due to the increased frequency of accidents.

Companies share the drive to reduce accidents

Electric scooter rental companies in Helsinki Voi, Tier and Lime pledged to voluntarily reduce the speed even before the authorities decided.

The City of Helsinki is to prepare a plan in the coming weeks that will determine where and at what time the speed limit will need to be limited.

Hararakka was pleased with the outcome of the meeting, which was attended by electric scooter rental companies and some officials. According to him, everyone was united by a desire to reduce the number of problems associated with the use of scooters.

– All firms understand that society cannot indefinitely cover the costs of treatment for accidents if they do nothing themselves.