Emergency mode announced in the south-east of Bavaria due to flooding

In the south-east of Bavaria, due to heavy rains and floods, an emergency regime has been declared.

In the communities of Berchtesgaden and Bischofswiesen, a number of houses are flooded. And in the next day, the situation will only get worse. The water level in the rivers Berchtesgadener Ahe, Thrawn and Tyroller Aachen can rise sharply. Residents are advised to leave the lower floors of buildings and not go out into the streets.

In the east of Saxony, a record rainfall fell in 24 hours. “Serious flooding should be expected,” the local authorities said.

Recall that an unprecedented flood in Germany caused prolonged downpours. The precipitation did not stop all week. In the west and south-west of the country, the tributaries of the Rhine – the Ar and Moselle, as well as small rivers – the Sauer, Prüm, Nims, Kiel, Erft, overflowed the banks. More than 140 people died, TASS reminds.