Employers see literacy as an important skill for employees

Almost all commercial companies consider literacy to be an important skill in terms of work, according to a survey of the Union of Entrepreneurs. 76 percent consider reading ability extremely important, another 19 percent simply important. Only four percent of respondents said that reading and writing skills are not important.

According to the survey, employers should encourage literacy among their employees, especially those of foreign origin.

The survey was conducted as part of the preparation of a national literacy strategy coordinated by the Department of Education.

– Workers with poor reading skills may have occupational skills that overshadow literacy. Despite this, I think it is important that if the team notices a lack of literacy among the employee, then this cannot be ignored. Action must be taken to empower people to improve their literacy. For example, we have many immigrants who may have problems with the ability to read and write, – says the head of the Union of Entrepreneurs Mikael Pentikäinen .