Ethiopian Foreign Ministry harshly criticized Pekka Haavisto and called his statements "irresponsible and undiplomatic"

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has issued a press release criticizing the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland <7> Pekka Haavisto <8> on the conflict in Tigra. <9> <10> Haavisto recently informed the EU Foreign Affairs Committee of the situation in Tigray. An armed conflict between the Ethiopian government and the authorities of the autonomous region erupted in November 2020. The country's government has also blocked the delivery of humanitarian aid to the region. <11> <12> According to AP news, Ethiopia's top leadership discussed behind closed doors the intention to “wipe the region off the face of the earth.” <13> <14> The EU has called for an investigation of human rights violations in Tigra and for concrete action to end hunger. Ethiopian authorities deny hunger and misconduct in Tigray, which are being blamed on the government. <15> <16> Twitter: <17><18> According to the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, Haavisto's remarks are "irresponsible and non-diplomatic." The Ethiopian Foreign Office also believes that Haavisto should have been talking about "terrorists" and not about the opposition in the region. <19> <20> Haavisto visited Ethiopia twice this year on behalf of the EU head of diplomacy <21> F <22> <23 > Borrell's osep <24>. However, according to the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Haavisto's actions exude a colonial mood and he is no longer a reliable intermediary between him and the EU. <25>