Every third Iranian and Iraqi citizen claims to have been tortured at home

About a third of males who moved to Finland and Sweden from Iran and Iraq were tortured at home, according to a recent study by the THL Department of Health and Social Development and the Swedish Red Cross Medical College.

The study examined the health and well-being of men who were victims of torture and other torture in their homeland. They noticed that there is a relationship between torture and subsequent depression and health problems, as well as a decline in the quality of life.

“Our research shows that people who have been tortured are more likely to suffer from loneliness, discrimination and various traumas later,” says THL senior researcher Ferdinand Garoff .

THL research director Anu Castaneda , for her part, says torture victims can feel ashamed and guilty.

– Due to the events of the past, it may be difficult for them to trust the authorities and medical staff, and therefore they do not seek help.

The researchers emphasize that torture-related injuries cause complex physical, mental and social problems and need multidisciplinary care.

It was reported yesterday that the city of Lahti wants to end the activities of the only psychological rehabilitation department for refugees in Finland.