Experts are looking for options for the most effective coronavirus testing

Doctors and scientists are looking for the most effective ways to test for coronavirus – rapid tests should help them in this.

At the moment, the express version of the PCR test for COVID-19 is already widely used in hospitals. Antigen tests in laboratories across the country are now also being evaluated for reliability and ease of use.

Antigen tests are widely advertised as being the most affordable and cost effective. At the same time, experts are not sure of their absolute reliability.

– At the moment we are awaiting the results of the evaluation of these tests, after which we will better understand how well they work and whether they can be trusted, – the head of the ministry comments health and social development Pasi Pohjola .

– The antigen test is not as reliable as the PCR test, it is faster, but often gives a false negative result, – comments Karita Savolainen-Korppa , THL Lead Medical Examiner.