Experts see gaps in Finland’s readiness to fend off large-scale cyberattacks

Military intelligence experts believe that Finland’s ability to repel large-scale cyberattacks leaves much to be desired.

Cyber ​​defense is currently being pursued by various authorities, and the legislation does not allow to prepare for large-scale attacks in the best possible way, says an expert in the field of cyber threats, lecturer at the University of Jyväskylä, former head of the Center for Electronic Military Intelligence Martti J. Kari .

In his opinion, attacks are difficult prepare, since each authority is responsible only for its own field of activity. For example, firms are not required to benefit from enhanced protection. For this reason, it became possible, for example, a cyberattack on the Vastaamo psychotherapy center. the authorities cooperate well with each other.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications this week released two programs aimed at improving cybersecurity in critical sectors of society.

According to Transport Minister Timo Harakka (SDP), the goal of these measures – unify the level of protection and make sure that what happened to Vastaamo does not happen again in the future.