FC Barcelona cuts prices for Lionel Messi’s jersey

Lionel Messi’s departure from Barcelona could cut the club’s merchandise revenue by approximately € 30 million, as 80% of the shirts sold by the club were named after the famous Argentinean. After the PSG club announced the signing of a contract with the footballer, his shirts disappeared from the official offline stores.

However, they can still be purchased online at a discounted price of 95 euros, which is much cheaper than the jerseys of his former teammates. In addition, in the online store you can still find hats, scarves, socks and other accessories associated with the name and game number of Messi.

At the moment, the club is thinking about how to fill the assortment after they sold out all items with the name Messi. They are predicted to be sold out quickly enough as fans are actively buying T-shirts in memory of the club’s most beloved player.

At that time, Messi’s T-shirts with the PSG logo, worth more than 150 euros, were already on sale in Paris. French fans are queuing up for them, even though the cost is quite high.