Finland is investigating the need for a third dose of coronavirus vaccine

Some Finnish residents may receive a third dose of coronavirus vaccine this year if it turns out that with two doses the immune response does not last long enough. The KRAR national vaccination expert group warned the Finnish authorities about this so that they take this opportunity into account when planning procurement and distribution of medical personnel.

Most likely, the third dose of vaccine will not be given to the entire population, but only those at coronavirus infection. So far, however, no specific decisions have been made.

Data on how long antibodies persist will come with an increase in the number of vaccinated. An extensive study by Finnish scientists has already proven that two doses of the vaccine are sufficient to protect against mutations in the coronavirus.

Assumptions about the need for a third and even a fourth dose of vaccine have been expressed earlier due to the emergence of new strains. EU countries have ordered about 1.8 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines from manufacturers for a total population of about half a billion people.