Finland will open borders for Ukrainians and close for Moldovans and Azerbaijanis

Restrictions on entry to Finland from Azerbaijan, South Korea, Japan, Moldova, Serbia and Singapore will be restored on Monday.

The government decided to reconsider today a list of third countries, that is, countries that are not part of the Schengen Agreement, from whose residents restrictions on entry to Finland are lifted. On the basis of statistical data on the development of the corona epidemic from August 9, entry restrictions for arrivals from Azerbaijan, South Korea, Japan, Moldova, Serbia and Singapore will be restored. This means that residents of these countries will need a good reason to enter.

At the same time, from next Monday, restrictions on entry to Finland will be lifted for those arriving from Ukraine on direct flights. Now the Ukrainian airline SkyUp flies between Kiev and Helsinki twice a week – on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

As of August 4, the Ukrainian authorities recorded a cumulative infection rate of about 39 cases per 100 thousand population over the past 14 days. In Finland, this figure is now about 144.

At the same time, residents of any country in the world who have completed a full course of vaccination with drugs approved by the EU or WHO will be able to enter Finland and in the future. This decision was made on July 19 and entered into force on July 26. You can read more about these innovations in our own material.

Restrictions on the external borders of Finland will remain until August 22, but then, most likely, they will be extended. Restrictions on internal borders have so far been lifted indefinitely. Full rules of entry can be found in Russian on the Border Guard website.