Finnish Ambassador to Lithuania on illegal immigrants from Belarus: “The situation can quickly escalate”

Lithuania has introduced an emergency regime due to the influx of illegal migrants across the border with Belarus. The Lithuanian authorities consider the decision of Belarus to let illegal immigrants into Lithuania as revenge for the sanctions imposed by the EU on Belarus.

Also, the Ambassador of Finland to Lithuania Arya Makkonen believes that behind the influx of illegal migrants to Lithuania is the deterioration of relations between EU and Belarus. The EU imposed sanctions in protest against unfair elections and violations of human rights in Belarus.

– The leadership of Belarus has bluntly stated that it will no longer fight so effectively against migration, drug trafficking, etc.

According to Makkonen, Lithuania will do everything possible to avoid becoming a transit country for illegal migration.

The EU External Border Control Agency Frontex has launched an operation to assist Lithuania at the border.

According to Makkonen, so far it is difficult to say how the situation will develop.

– 150 people were detained yesterday, 116 this morning. By my calculations, this year 938 people have already crossed the border illegally.

Makkonen says the situation is worrying.

– We in Finland we know from experience that the number of refugees can increase dramatically. It is therefore good that Frontex takes part in border patrols.