Finnish cinema continues to gain ground: Teemu Niki’s film participates in the competition program of the Venice Film Festival

The film The Blind One Who Didn’t Want to Watch Titanic, which will premiere in Venice, won an award at the Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund before its release.

No sooner had the applause that accompanied Juhi Kuosmanen’s picture “Coupe No. 6”, which received the Grand Prix as a result, had died down, when good news about cinema arrived again: the Finnish film was selected for participation at the Venice Film Festival, the most prestigious and famous in the world.

The film festival program included “The Blind Man Who Didn’t Want to Watch Titanic”, created by director and screenwriter Teemu Niki , winner of the Jussi national film award. Niki’s film entered the Orizzonti Extra competition program, in which 7 more films compete for the main prize. Best Film will be chosen by audience vote.

“The Blind Man Who Didn’t Want to Watch Titanic” tells the story of Jaakko, a blind and paralyzed man who lives as a prisoner in his own home. As a result, love forces Jaakko to leave the usual walls, but without someone else’s help he cannot find his beloved.

The film, shot in Tampere and Nokia, is made unique, including by the leading actor.

Jaakko is played by the theater actor Petri Poikolainen , who was once assigned to the city theaters in Helsinki and Seinäjoki.

Theater Academy graduate 2000 Poikolainen makes his first and apparently last screen appearance in Niki’s film.

Poikolainen was forced to leave the stage 8 years ago when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Like his hero, Poikolainen is also blind and paralyzed as a result of his illness.