Finnish leadership at the opening of the Olympics will be represented by Minister of Sports Antti Kurvinen

The newly appointed Minister of Culture and Sports will be present on behalf of the Finnish leadership at the opening of the Olympic Games in Tokyo tomorrow Antti Kurvinen (Center) … He will fly to the Japanese capital today and return next Tuesday. During this time, he will have several meetings with the ministers of the Japanese government.

Japan, through the Finnish Olympic Committee, has also sent invitations to President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanne Marin . Both of them decided not to go to the opening of the games due to the difficult epidemiological situation in Tokyo. Many leaders of other countries of the world will also miss the ceremony for the same reason. At the stadium tomorrow there will be no ordinary public, but only about a thousand people from members of official delegations.

Kurvinen said that he had already passed two tests for coronavirus. To get to Japan, both must be negative. Another test will have to be taken at the airport, however, unlike journalists, the minister will not have to sit in quarantine for the first three days.