Finnwatch: Malaysian supplier Neste continues to abuse workers’ rights

Malaysian palm oil company IOI Group continues to violate workers’ rights. So reads another report from Finnwatch, a non-governmental organization that investigates responsible business conduct. The IOI Group supplies products made with palm oil to the Finnish energy company Neste.

According to Finnwatch, Malaysian contractor Neste’s plantations employ migrants who pay their employer a large recruitment fee. In addition, they are promised an eight-hour day and a stable monthly salary. In fact, the length of the working day is not limited, and the wages are piecework, and even so, working hours are not always counted. There are also cases of workers being housed in substandard apartments where there was not even a bed or mattress.

Finnwatch has been monitoring working conditions at the IOI Group since 2014. The company has repeatedly promised to correct the shortcomings, but, according to the Finnish NGO, it has not done enough.