Football tourists have nearly 300 coronavirus cases

Almost three hundred cases of coronavirus infection were found among football fans returning from St. Petersburg.

Almost two-thirds of them were detected in Helsinki and Uusimaa.In the region, 500 people were quarantined.

There is no exact data yet on how many cases have become infected with the delta variant of the coronavirus, however, in terms of analyzes, the presence of the delta strain has already been confirmed.This is reported, in particular, in the Pirkanmaa region.

The Department of Health and Social Development THL urges everyone to refrain from traveling to Russia and take a coronavirus test for everyone who has come into contact with people who have returned from Russia.

The department does not rule out the introduction of a new lockdown in the event of the spread of the delta variant and strongly recommends that all those returning from Russia undergo re-testing in Finland three days after arrival.