Foreign Ministry calls Novichok a purely Western brand

The family of toxic chemicals, which in the West is called “Novice”, has been worked with the Americans in no less than 20 Western countries. So Novichok is a purely Western brand. It is synthesized and is available in these countries in 140 versions. It is not in Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary on the speech of German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in the Bundestag.

The Russian side officially confirms that all chemical weapons available in Russia were destroyed under the strictest international control. This laborious process was completed on September 27, 2017. And on October 11 of the same year, the Director General of the OPCW Technical Secretariat certified the final destruction of chemical weapons in the Russian Federation.

The German minister addressed parliamentarians with another batch of accusations, threats and insinuations against the Russian Federation, diplomats say. At the same time, studies of Navalny’s biomaterials carried out in Omsk did not reveal the presence of traces of chemical warfare poisoning in them. And the doctors of the Charite clinic did not find them either. But the German military found it a week later.

In addition, the grounds for initiating a criminal case against Navalny is confirmation of the fact that criminal acts were committed against him. To launch the appropriate procedural procedures, the patient’s test results, proving his poisoning, are required, which the German side refuses to transfer. Maas to provide them, relate not only to the transmission of test results, but also to gain access to the blogger for his survey.

Russia wants to receive legal, technical and organizational assistance both in the bilateral Russian-German format and at the OPCW site in the interests of conducting an objective and unbiased investigation. Moscow is very interested in who is behind this anti-Russian provocation, staged from the very beginning, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.