France intends to introduce a third antiquarian quarantine

The French authorities are preparing to introduce the third quarantine. There were strong rumors about this last week in Paris, and today they found confirmation in the publication of the Sunday weekly Journal du Dimanche.

In it, citing a source in the government of the country, it is said that “a decision on this issue will be announced as soon as possible.”

The introduction of a new lockdown is associated here with the active spread in France of the “British” mutation of the coronavirus and a strain from South Africa. It is expected that President Emmanuel Macron will speak on this issue next Wednesday, and by the end of the week the quarantine will come into force.

According to the Sunday edition, it will last at least three weeks. As in the previous lockdown, movement of citizens outside the home will be limited. True, in addition to grocery stores and pharmacies, other retail outlets will also be open for a certain number of hours that are not essential, which was not the case during the two previous quarantines – last spring and autumn.

Work of enterprises and institutions will not stop, but citizens employed in them will need to stock up on special written permits. Education in schools of all grades will continue, and sanitary security measures will be strengthened.

For several days, the level of coronavirus infection in France has exceeded 20 thousand cases, and this Saturday it approached the mark of 24 thousand. With this diagnosis, 25,800 French people are now in hospitals, and 2900 are in intensive care units.