French regulator fined Google 220 million euros

The French competition authority fined the American corporation Google 220 million euros for promotion own services in the online advertising sector.

“Following the advice of News Corp Inc., the Le Figaro group and the Rossel La Voix group, the Competition Authority is deciding to impose sanctions on Google in the amount of 220 million euros for the abuse of its dominant the position in the advertising market for website and mobile application creators, “the statement on the regulator’s website says. As it turned out, Google gave preferential treatment to its own technologies to the detriment of competitors. Various media were also among the victims.

As reminded by the management, “a company with a dominant position has a special responsibility” for ensuring that competition is fair.

It is noted that Google did not dispute the facts, and the decision to impose a fine in the specified amount was made as part of a deal with the American giant. The corporation is also committed to improving the interaction of Google Ad Manager services with third-party ad servers.

As the head of competition Isabelle de Silva noted, “the decision to impose sanctions against Google is of particular importance, because this is the first in the world is a solution associated with complex algorithms on which advertising on the Internet is built. “